David M Donovan


28 Years of IT Administration, Management, Web Development, and Photography
I began my professional journey in Information Technology during the 1990s, with a focus on computer sales and consulting. I successfully established a dial-up internet service in northern Mississippi, which led me to a leadership position at WorldCom as a Network and Web/Hosting Services Engineer. In this role, I provided expert guidance to a team of professionals while ensuring seamless web hosting services and network connectivity for the organization. Additionally, I served as an Intranet Administrator and Special-IT Projects Manager at Saks Fifth Avenue. Here, I adeptly developed and implemented automated solutions for intranet maintenance and support, aimed at optimizing store register and server systems. More recently, I have utilized my expertise as a freelance web developer and real estate photographer, delivering top-notch services to clients.
Freelance Professional

Web Developer

1998 to Present
My Portfolio
• Website Devlopment Services
• WordPress Specializing in Oxygen Builder
• Linux, LAMP, Apache, IIS, ASP.NET, MSSQL
• Elementor, WP Bakery, Custom

Owner / Photographer

2009 to Present
• Real Estate Photographer
• Real Estate Video Production
• Photo Editing, Photoshop, Graphic Design
• Video Editing, Adobe Premiere
• Real Estate Marketing, SEO, Social Media
Saks fifth Avenue

IT Manager / Administrator

2003 to 2015
• Intranet development and Management
• Automated Maintence and Support Systems
• Automated Software and Update Deployments
• Team Building, Team Management
• Reporting and Databasae Management
Worldcom Wireless Solutions

Systems Administrator

2000 to 2003
• Web & Web Hosting Services Administrator
• Backend Systems Administrator
• Windows IIS, Linux Apache
• DNS Management, Domain Managemant
• Customer Support and Quality Control