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Thursday / Aug 13, 2020 /

David M Donovan Commercial Real Estate

David Donovan / Business, Life, Real Estate, Recent Projects, Web Development /

My Real Estate website; I am now a Commercial Real Estate Agent with Sperry Global Commercial Affiliates – JD Johnson Realty and Investments, Broker: JD Johnson. JD and I have been friends since 1982, and I am very excited to have joined as an agent with his brokerage. Cell: 601-506-8002 Office: 601-707-5555 Broker site: jdjcre.com…

Tuesday / Mar 10, 2020 /

Mississippi Housing Institute Website

David Donovan / Recent Projects, Web Development /

This website shows my ability to create WordPress websites from scratch using a blank theme. Building the website from scratch allowed full control over appearance and function. When my clients have a particular look in mind, sometimes it is impossible to find a theme that works. So I create them from scratch and make them…

David M Donovan Portfolio
Friday / Jan 18, 2019 /

David M Donovan Portfolio Page!

David Donovan / Photography, Real Estate, Recent Projects, Web Development /

Check out my new David M Donovan portfolio page! David M Donovan Portfolio: I’m adding my recent and past projects as I have time to do so. Certainly all the latest will be added as I complete them.   Categories include: Photography Real Estate (Photography) Graphic Design Web Development WordPress HTML/CSS Watch for more additions…

Hardin Trucking Incorporated Website
Tuesday / Sep 11, 2018 /

Hardin Trucking Incorporated Website

David Donovan / Recent Projects, Web Development /

The Hardin Trucking Incorporated website is simple, effective and very interesting from a visual design perspective.  Check out the animations I created for this site. I was 150 miles from home to create some appealing photographic content so I figured I would make the most of it! I’m glad I did and I can do…

Monday / Sep 10, 2018 /

Richard Wise Arbitration Website

David Donovan / Recent Projects, Web Development /

The Richard Wise Arbitration website is a small web presence needed to make their business more well known. This simple site was developed at relatively low cost but is very effective at bringing in new business all the while online credibility has been established. I also created a custom email solution featuring his domain (rick@wisearbitration.com)….

Vasilios Madison MS
Saturday / Sep 08, 2018 /

Restaurant Review – Vasilios Madison MS

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Vasilios Madison MS Vasilios Madison MS. OK, I NEVER set out to do any restaurant reviews but I just can’t help it because it was such a good experience! I took my gorgeous wife here while our daughter was at a school function. It was right down the road and we had never been there…

David M Donovan
Thursday / Aug 30, 2018 /

David M Donovan Hello World!

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David M Donovan First blog post on my official David M Donovan page! Here you will find information mostly about business but I will be posting about daily life also if it can help make your day better! That’s how I like to live life, making sure that people are better off after they meet…

The Matthew Walters Construction Website
Wednesday / Aug 22, 2018 /

Matthew Walters Construction Website

David Donovan / Recent Projects, Web Development /

Matthew Walters Construction website. Matthew Walter’s website features recent construction projects done by Matthew. The projects feature professional photography by David M Donovan, shutterBUMP and DATASTUFF.  I hope you like my work and please click here to all of my recent work, visit Matthew’s website also if you get a moment! I would like for…

Start My Dream Home Website
Tuesday / Aug 21, 2018 /

Start My Dream Home Website

David Donovan / Recent Projects, Web Development /

The Start My Dream Home Website is a result of my observations as as a Real Estate Photographer. I noticed some houses that are uniquely different and simply more beautifully designed than others. I know the builder plays a huge part but this has to do with design. All the best ones I saw were…